The Emergence of Safety Antoine Winfield Jr.


In this year’s draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers used their second round pick on safety Antoine Winfield Jr. Even when drafted, he seemed to be a very high value pick as the 45th overall selection.


Now, after three games in the books of the new season, Winfield’s performances have been nothing short of astonishing. After impressively winning the starting job right off the bat, Winfield has totaled 23 solo tackles, 8 assisted tackles, and 2 Sacks. On top of that, he also added a forced fumble on one of his sacks. In addition to being all over the field, he has shown incredible tackling skills in the open field.

A standout at his alma mater in Minnesota, Winfield Jr. excelled at tackling and displaying his ballhawking skills. In 2019 he had 7 interceptions. Bucs fans still have to wait for his first pick in a Buccaneers jersey, even though he has come close on multiple occasions. 

After being less fortunate in the second round of the draft recently, Jason Licht finally seems to have some success with his 2020 pick. Without a doubt, Winfield has been a tremendous addition for Tampa Bay’s defense. The former Golden Gopher complements Todd Bowles’ defense exceptionally well at a position of need. 

Consequently, Winfield Jr. has all the tools necessary to become a centerpiece of this defense in the future along with Devin White, Vita Vea, Carlton Davis and Shaq Barrett.

Winfield’s father, a former NFL cornerback from 1999 – 2012, is certainly proud watching his son potentially becoming a star at the highest level. If Winfield’s play continues to be great, he’ll have a long career in the NFL. 

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