Opinion Editorial: Standing the Test of Tom

Sunday afternoon the Buccaneers faced off against the Denver Broncos in a Week 3 matchup. Only two weeks into the season, with Tampa Bay sitting at 1-1, and folks were already beginning to take jabs about Tom Brady’s modest play so far in the first two games of the 2020 season. “He seems fragile”. “He’s lost his arm”. “All of this star-power and no production?”. 
And let’s face it, all Tom Brady has known for two decades is Super Bowl-winning football. After both wins for the Buccaneers this year, it seemed as though the 43-year-old quarterback wasn’t satisfied with the overall play when asked in post game press conferences.
It’s well known by now that Brady is a competitor who hates to lose. After two mediocre starts leading up with anticipation of the high-powered Buccaneer offense, Brady looked like his self of old in Denver. Dicing and slicing up the Broncos on their own turf, Brady lit up the scoring board completing 65% of his passes, 297 yards, 3 touchdowns and 0 picks in a 28-10 pouncing.

So About The Brady Detractors

Too fragile? Well, the surprising amount of fourth and one quarterback sneaks from Brady in the first three weeks this year immediately trounced that myth. Check.
Weak arm? Brady’s flick-of-the-wrist 47 yard bomb to wideout Scotty Miller proves other wise. Check.
Production? 300 yards passing with eight players nagging a reception and it finally looks as if the offensive juggernaut is coming together for Tampa Bay. Even “blocking tight end”, Rob Gronkowski, nabbed six receptions. Another check for Brady.
So, continue to sleep on Brady. He continues to stand the test of “Tom” and he’ll continue to make teams regret it. For Brady, it begins this Sunday as he faces off against the Los Angeles Chargers, in which will be his first home game played in a Bucs uniform.
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