Buccaneers Vita Vea’s Injury Update


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost a heartbreaker in Chicago Thursday night against the Bears. It appears that isnt all they lost.


As Adam Schefter reports the Buccaneers fear Vita Vea has broken his ankle. The team will have confirmation after today’s MRI. If the MRI shows Vea’s ankle is in fact broken the anchor of the Buccaneers defensive line will be lost for the season.



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  2. Season is over. Team is not that good. Defense is completely over rated. Secondary can’t cover anyone. Receivers wide open all over the field. GB will score 50 next week. The offense is completely disappointing. Gronk, Brady and Shady McCoy belong in a retirement home. They will finish 6-10 this year. No shot of making the playoffs

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