Real Bucs Talk Podcast: Wirfs vs. Mack Film Study


Welcome to the Real Bucs Talk Podcast

Tristan Wirfs vs.Khalil Mack was an exciting matchup to watch. Early on Mack made Wirfs look silly and if you watch mainstream media you would think that’s all that happened. When you look at the whole game film you can see a different story.

It was almost as if the longer the game went the more relaxed and comfortable Wirfs got and he was able to counter Mack and show off some of his own elite talents.

Khalil Mack is easily one of the best defensive players in the NFL if not one of the best players in general in the NFL so you would assume that would be a difficult task for a rookie playing in his 5th game of his career. The future is truly bright for Tristan Wirfs.


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