The Unbeatable Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The best football team in the NFL is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that stepped on the field versus the Green Bay Packers last Sunday. That team is simply unbeatable. The only question is whether or not that is the same team that will take the field in Sin City this Sunday afternoon.


Kansas City Questions

To this point in the season, the Kansas City Chiefs have been thought of as the top team in the league. The team that took the field for Kansas City in week one looked almost unbeatable. Almost. If there is a chink in the armor in Kansas City it is the defense. The same most definitely does not apply in Tampa.

The Buccaneers’ defense embarrassed Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. They didn’t simply beat them and they didn’t simply dominate them. The Buccaneers embarrassed the Packers. They got in Rodgers’ head and got him talking about things like fighting defensive lineman by the bus after the game. That’s the headspace Rodgers was in by the end of this thrashing. Before kick-off, this game Rodgers was in the conversation for MVP this season.

My Hero Zero

The Packers did take a beating. This was not a fluke but dominance and control at a different level. This Buccaneers team was playing mistake-free. How mistake-free? Zero mistakes as in zero interceptions, zero penalties, and zero sacks allowed. This was as close to perfection as you will ever see on the gridiron. Other than the first 10 minutes of the game, there could not have been any more of a lopsided competition.

If the same Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad raids the beautiful, shiny new digs in Las Vegas, the game will be a blow out by half time. The only question is will it be the Unbeatable Buccaneers that show up on game day, or will it be the same team that showed up versus Chicago on Thursday night?

Will the defense fly around like one of the Cirque du Soleil shows the Strip is known for? Or will the plane ride home look more like a Sunday morning on Las Vegas Blvd. with tourists stumbling around unable to remember what casino resort they are staying in, clutching that souvenir cup from the extra tall adult beverage they thought was a good idea the night before?

Sunday will be interesting and will be a good measuring stick for the rest of the season. Are the Unbeatable Buccaneers for real? It sure looks like it when you’re sitting here in the Cheap Seats.