Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Devin White: The “Sack Master”


With the fifth pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected LSU linebacker Devin White. White has been as advertised since he was drafted. His speed, leadership, and winning attitude has changed the mindset of a very young Buccaneers defense. The question every sports writer should ask is, “what can’t Devin White do?”

White had a historic game in Las Vegas against Tampa Bay’s former head coach in Jon Gruden. White led the Buccaneers in tackles with nine total tackles. He added two assist and one tackle for loss, respectively. But the number that sticks out the most is White’s three sacks. See link below of “My Perspective” by Blake Anthony.


White’s First Sack

White is in zone coverage on this play, and has to cover the Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. His coverage, plus the heavy pass rush by the defensive line, forced Raiders quarterback Derrick Carr out of the pocket and attempting to run for the first down. White sees the play breaking down and sprints to Carr and stops him short of the first down. He is rewarded with his first sack of the game.

White’s Second Sack

White’s second sack is recorded off a dog blitz on the offenses’ right side of the line. White has Raiders tight-end Darren Waller just to the left of him. Carr motions running back Jalen Richards to his side for extra protection. At the snap of the ball, Waller hits White with a slight tap as he goes out for a pass while running back Richards is asked to block White 1 on 1. As seen in the video, Richards is unable to handle White as he ends up on the ground looking at the backside of White as he sacks Carr.

White’s Third Sack

White’s third and final sack of the game is probably every fans favorite. Devin White is doing an excellent job in coverage as he cuts off the route by the Raiders leading receiver of the day, Nelson Agholor. White disrupts Agholor’s route as he passes the coverage on to the the next person to cover him in the zone coverage.

White notices Carr as he commits to running for the first down. Devin White then gets on his horse, so to say, on this play by covering 15 yards worth of football field without breaking a sweat as he delivers a “lights out” hit on Carr. Carr was not only well short of the first down, but he also fumbles out of bounds. This sack makes White second on the team in sacks with four and only trails Jason Pierre-Paul with five.

Devin White has officially been unleashed by defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to create hell on opponents’ defenses by dropping in coverage to blitzes off the edge and the middle. Look for more plays like this in the future for White as the season goes on.

Film Credit: NFL GamePass