Giants’ Offensive Lineman and Buccaneers Equipment Staffer Test Positive


Word came down late this morning that a member of the New York Giants offensive line had tested positive for COVID-19. This would be the second week in a row that a positive test showed up in the camp of an opponent scheduled to play the Buccaneers that week.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network tweeted the following:


After Raiders offensive lineman Trent Brown tested positive last week, all players in close contact with him had to be isolated until further COVID protocol testing could be done. The NFL was forced to move the primetime Sunday night matchup to 4:05 last Sunday. This was done so that if the game were to have been canceled, there would still be a game in the primetime slot.

With New York Giants’ offensive lineman Will Hernandez testing positive this week, the first question Buccaneers fans ask is what about the Monday Night Football game this week? With the Raiders last week, the positive results came in on Thursday and with no definitive answers, the league made the move to flex the game into the earlier time slot.

The positive test for the Giants offensive lineman comes a week to the day after last weeks news. There were also eight other Giants players and two coaches asked to work from home on Thursday. A result of the contact tracing, part of the COVID protocol.

Should this weeks game become in jeopardy of not being played, Greg Auman of the Athletic had this tweet with regard to that possible scenario:


Even Adam Schefter of ESPN got in on the Thursday COVID-19 tweet parade. This time with news concerning the Buccaneers.

There may be no story that will remain as fluid as COVID-19 in 2020.Check back with Bucs Report for all developing stories concerning this and all your Buccaneers news.