Real Bucs Talk Podcast: Bucs vs. Raiders Film Study


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In week the seven matchup of Bucs vs Raiders, the offense took off yet again. Tom Brady came away with 5 TDs, four of them passing to four different receivers and one patented Brady rushing TD.

When it rains it pours for this high potent offense and I believe they are only scratching the surface of their potential.

We break down all the goods and show the different types of route concepts Leftwich drew up to take advantage of his weapons.


The Bucs defense has been a consistent force since the beginning of the year. The run defense is still superior and shut down Josh Jacobs as he only managed 17 yards on 10 carries.

The pass defense was tested early as Jon Gruden drew up some nice plays but as they have during the year the defense adjusted and started to limit the opportunities. Derek Carr was sacked 3 times (Devin White) and Antoine Winfield ended up with his first career NFL interception off a deflected pass by Mike Edwards.

Lets dive into the tape and see where the defense thrived!

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