Scouting Report: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants


Just in time for Halloween, Tom Brady is starting to heat up and it has got to be scary for the rest of the NFL. After returning home with a decisive 45-20 win over the Las Vegas Raiders, the Buccaneers now get to face the 1-6 New York Giants on Monday Night Football. This probably looked better on the schedule months ago, but alas, here we are. Let’s get to know the Buccaneers’ Week 8 opponent.

Here’s How The Giants Measure Up

If we remove arguably the worst loss for the Giants with Saquon Barkley, the Giants are relatively healthy. Only Devonta Freeman is listed as questionable for the week. Practice throughout the week may result in a different list, but so far so good for New York.

Offensive Rankings

  • 30th in Pass Yards per game (184.3) / 27th in Rush Yard per game (98.1)
  • 30th in Pass TD per game (0.7) / 26th in Rush TD per game (0.6)

Defensive Rankings

  • 21st in Pass Yards allowed per game (251.3) / 7th in Rush Yards allowed per game (105)
  • 15th in Pass TD allowed per game (1.7) / 18th in Rush TD allowed per game (1)

If the Giants ever expect to get back on track offensively, it probably won’t be this week against the stout Bucs defense. Currently, the Buccaneers hold the 7th best pass defense and the #1 rush defense in the entire NFL. Sitting at 1-6, but still in the hunt for the NFC East Division Title, I don’t expect this Giants team to lay down and die.

What We Might Expect

Despite all of his flaws and the fact that he gets tackled just by running out of his shoes, Daniel Jones already showed the Buccaneers he can beat them by himself. Looking back to last year, this Giants team was basically without Barkley for the entire game and with less experience at the offensive line. Yet, Danny “Dimes” Jones picked this defense apart and ran through them like wet tissue paper.

What’s Different Now Versus Then?

The Giants made a change at offensive coordinator with the addition of Jason Garrett. In 2019, Garrett and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan were one of the least passing friendly teams in the league with a 54.27% passing play per game percentage. This ranked as the 26th most pass plays called per game. It can likely be attributed to the Ezekiel Elliot factor and a much better defense than they have now.

Right now, the 2020 Giants do not have the luxury of either. They are now posting the 6th most pass plays called per game with 62.13% of their plays and are constantly in negative game scripts.

Unless the Giants figure out how to run against Tampa Bay, they’re not going to divert from their current tendency. If this remains the case, they better figure out how to protect their fleet of foot quarterback. Otherwise, their 2.9 sacks allowed per game statistic is getting an update.

The problems don’t end on the offensive as the Giants’ defense is allowing 24.9 points per game. Aside from Pittsburgh, they haven’t faced an offensive powerhouse like the Buccaneers yet this season. That stat is going to grow after Monday.

While this appears promising from first glance, Arians will need to keep the team in their disciplined mindset. Most, if not all Buccaneers fans know all too well that this franchise has found ways to lose winnable games. It’s time to show that old culture is dead with a dismantling of the New York not-so Giants.