Tom Brady Insistent on the Success of Antonio Brown in Tampa Bay


When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Antonio Brown, fans erupted in a mix of excitement and frustration.

On one side, why sign a player with a history of off-field troubles, including sexual assault allegations.

On the other, give Tom Brady all the weapons in the world, just in case one goes down due to injury. After week seven, Chris Godwin received surgery on his finger and is in jeopardy to miss Sunday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints.

That’s Pretty Good Timing For Brown

Even with all of the speculation about his maturity and on field readiness, Antonio Brown has given a good impression through week one.



Brown has always been known as a hard worker on the field. It’s always been a question of antics off of it.

So far, Brown has been staying with Tom Brady in his home, connecting him to people that can help straighten out his life.

It’s good to see Brady taking Brown under his wing, and you wouldn’t expect it to be any different. Brady lobbied hard for Brown, and a hiccup might reflect poorly on Brady.

Still, Bruce Arians expressed strong opinions of Brown in the offseason, saying he wasn’t a fit in the locker room. Brown fired back on twitter, but later deleted the tweet.

Well, according to Jay Glazer, Arians and Browns are “all good”, and have hashed out their differences.

So far, Brown has been on his best behavior, but it will only take one incident for Brown to be booted out of the building.

Brown knows this is likely his last chance in the NFL, and I doubt he will take it lightly. If he can get his off field baggage in order, Brown can help Tom Brady win his seventh Super Bowl.