Sunday Night’s Buccaneers Loss; A Perfect Recipe for Football Disaster


Of all the things the Buccaneers staff could have been cooking up, this was not the dish fans expected.

It’s hard to put a finger on the biggest disappointment coming from the loss on Sunday Night Football to the New Orleans Saints.

With a complete lack of offensive identity, the results came together like a badly prepared meal. The results left a very bad taste in every fan’s mouth.

A Pinch of This. A Dash of That.

Whether Tom Brady plays one, two, or five seasons, the truth is it’s always felt like borrowed time. Expecting a young team to come to full maturation in the strangest offseasons in NFL history? May have been too large of a task.

The recipe for football greatness at the professional level is pretty consistent. You don’t just add and add ingredients to make a good soufflé. It takes time and patience. Eggs will be broken. Salt spilled. The problem with this last game is it felt like you’re still waiting for the chicken to lay those eggs.

Savor the Flavor

Lost in the Sunday night massacre was that this team is 6-3. Still in the top third of the NFC. With seven games remaining, the 2020 season is just too soon to call. Maybe it has been so long since Buccaneer fans have tasted greatness. We must learn how to savor. Enjoy the taste that is so foreign to the taste buds.

There is still a chance to save this dish. The recipe may not be a total wash. All the right ingredients are on the counter. The Buccaneers coaching staff will need a crash course on the proper way to use them.

Instead of coming off as a well-prepared delicacy, the performance against the Saints was distasteful and half baked. With some big matchups coming up, the team will need to get cooking to have a chance at the playoffs, and a share of sweet desserts.



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