What Do the Two New Orleans Losses Mean for the Buccaneers in 2020?


The Buccaneers lost their fifth game in a row to the Saints this week. That is a sweep of the series for the second consecutive year, plus one. Tampa Bay has the chance to get the 2020 sweep of the Carolina Panthers this Sunday. Divisional games are very important for a teams postseason chances. The question remains, will the Buccaneers be able to find that jazz for the post season?

Yeah, I Said It! 

Lets not forget this Buccaneers team IS 6-3. Say it with me. Six-dash-three! For a team that is usually applying witchcraft math at this point to find reason for hope, the current position is quite nice. Although the Buccaneers are no longer in the drivers seat of the division, they still need to continue to win in the division and conference.

A victory over the Saints would have secured that. Now the Bucs will need help and some luck if they are to regain control of the NFC South. Owning the series sweep is very valuable to New Orleans, but saying they won the division on Sunday could be a little premature. The Buccaneers are still ranked seventh on the latest NFL.COM power rankings. In other words, there ain’t no fat lady singing.

Playoffs? Playoffs! Did You Say Playoffs?

The NFL remains precariously close to being forced to consider a sixteen team, seeded post season. Yes, the league has gotten UBER precise in the protocols, tracing, and getting games played during the pandemic. It seems the most logistically challenged sports league, from an infectious disease standpoint, is winning.

With cold and flu season now upon us and Tropical Storm Eta still looks to be an influence this week, the next month of football will be ever so delicate. Remember now, the further into the season we get, the harder it will be to reschedule, make-up, or forcibly play bi-week teams and games. There have been quite a few teams that are already past their bi-week. What used to be house money, is now coming out of the mortgage.

All of which makes the point that not only are the Buccaneers still in control of their own playoff destiny mathematically, they could still rule the roost. The playoffs are still right there on the table.

Ohhh! It Still Stings!

The last time the Buccaneers beat the Saints was the 48-40 season opener a few years ago. It was in 2018, but feels more like 2008. It’s like that when a team has your number. What would make this season even sweeter? Seeing New Orleans this postseason.

Teams win the season series against divisional opponents. What becomes increasingly tougher? Winning for the third time in a season. Let there be hope.

Of course, just “hope” it’s not the same team that Buccaneers fans saw on Sunday.