The Reality of Buccaneers Running Back Ronald Jones


There are some phenomenal running backs in the NFL. Similarly, there are some inconsistent and unreliable backs in the NFL. “RoJo”” is neither, and both, and this is the reality of Ronald Jones II.

Rough Start

Jones rookie season was questionable at best and might even be called disappointing. Rumors abounded and whispers of bust circulated through Buccaneer ranks. “RoJo looks lost” was the common refrain. Then came year two and the opposite reaction was swift and loud. “Jones looks like he’s running with confidence.” “Jones looks like a completely different back.”

When he stepped on the field he showed promise. He hadn’t done anything spectacular but he looked good. Fans began wondering why he was behind Peyton Barber and even Dare Ogunbowale. He had earned the reputation as a solid runner, but struggled catching passes out of the backfield.

With Tom Brady joining the Buccaneers, Jones worked hard in the offseason to improve his pass-catching ability. Then came game time. Once again flashes of talent were met with splashes of concern. Dropped passes and a couple of fumbles met with the longest run in Buccaneers history, a 98-yard spectacle against the Panthers on Sunday.

By this point, I think it’s safe to say that this is what you get with a Jones. He is a good back with flashes of greatness, and at the same time, he will drop critical passes or lose a key fumble.

At some point it is unfair to demand more, it is also unfair to accept less. With a Leonard Fournette lurking in the wings you have to wonder which Ronald Jones will ultimately step up. He is a good back with flashes of greatness. He struggles to do some very important things and makes some very big mistakes.  At some point this is the reality of Jones. At least that’s the way it looks From the Cheap Seats.