ESPN’s Mike Greenberg on Play Action: “Thank You, Captain Obvious!”


How is it the Buccaneers and Tom Brady were the biggest story in the 2020 NFL off-season, yet nobody paid attention? Oh yeah, maybe that COVID-19 thing. But there has been a trending theme this past week with the national media and the Buccaneers’ offense. The question has to be, “what took you so long?’

Baby, We Were Born To Run. 

It’s not that Ronald Jones II is terribly underused, which he is. Not that Brady has been killed at times by the lack of a running threat, which he has. But holy baby Jesus! It turns out that the national media has finally opened their collective eyes to see what has been obvious to Buccaneers fans for months now. Brady will tear teams apart with play action.

The fact that ESPN’s Mike Greenberg put words to Buccaneers fans torture is good. The video, seen here via a Greenberg tweet, is just the type of a narrative Buccaneers fans were hoping for going into the bye week. Football analysts from the NFL Network, to personalities on Inside the NFL, as well as even other ESPN personalities, have also been sounding the alarm on the disconnect with the 2020 Buccaneers offense. Will this change anything?

If I Told You Once, I Told You A Million Times.

Either the Wi-Fi at the Advent Health Training Facility is just nonexistent, or there is more than just hard heads over there. Bucs Report has been clamoring about this issue like a bell on the deck of a ship in the night. All while warning “below there be troubled waters ahead.” Even going as far as the nicknaming of Ronald Jones II the “Victim of Volume.” Now you get it?

If the ugliest child in the village has the most beautiful straight white teeth, you don’t keep that child from smiling. You encourage that child to smile. The Buccaneers offense needs to learn where and when to smile. Using more play action is a good place to start!

For example, what the play action brings to the offense for Tom Brady is what that smile brings to the villages’ ugliest kid. You have to make that facet a staple of your offense. Makes no sense to do otherwise.

So, how about it? Let’s get that child to smile big and wide. That just might provide light for the remainder of the season, clearing a path to the playoffs.