Buccaneers Playoff Push Starts with Vikings


Right now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) occupy the sixth seed in the NFL right about their next opponent, the Minnesota Vikings (6-6). Nothing is a given in the league. If the Bucs want back in the playoffs, they need to act like they belong. Don’t worry about the NFC South as the New Orleans Saints are one victory away from clinching. Worry about controlling your destiny and winning out. The Bucs are 1-1 against the NFC North with their loss against the 5-7 Chicago Bears. They’ve showed signs of contending beating division leaders. Among them are the 9-3 Green Bay Packers and 5-7 New York Giants.

Buccaneers Mike Evans and Tom Brady/ via AP Photo/Jack Dempsey
Buccaneers Mike Evans and Tom Brady/ via AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

How 7-5 Buccaneers Can Run Table

The Buccaneers still control their destiny if they can win out. The Vikings are the 24th-ranked defense in the league. There’s nothing remarkable about the pass or run defense as the Bucs should enforce their will on them. If the Bucs play to their potential, they have a chance to run the table against the Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, and Detroit Lions. Their defenses are scrapping the bottom of the league, but keep in mind the Bucs are 18th in the league in offense. The bye week should help reinvigorate Tom Brady and company.

Anything Can Happen in the NFL

The team would be wise not to look past the Vikings at the moment as they’re fourth in the league offense. Remember, the 5-7 Washington Football Team toppled the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. Nothing is a given. The Vikings and Lions still have something to play for. Falcons head coach Raheem Morris would love nothing more than use his two opportunities to spoil his former team’s playoff hopes. With an extra week to rest and prep, we’ll see if this all-star team is everything we were told it would be. At this point the Buccaneers just need to get their foot in the door.