Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playoff Scenarios Week 17


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers enter week 17 of the 2020 NFL season with a playoff spot already locked up. The only question now is, what seed will they have and who do they play in the first round?

As of Monday, December 28th, the Buccaneers hold the fifth playoff seeding. They can lock that position up simply by beating the Atlanta Falcons this coming Sunday. The fifth seed in the NFC playoffs this season will play the NFC East division winner. Right now that opponent looks to be the football team from Washington. With the NFC East still wide open heading into week 17, Washington has the easiest path. Win and they win the division. Lose, and it could be one of three East teams; Dallas, New York, and Washington.

What happens if the Buccaneers lose to the Falcons on Sunday? Well, then the Buccaneer faithful have to hope the Arizona Cardinals beat the Los Angeles Rams. If the Buccaneers were to lose and the Rams were to win, the Rams would get the fifth seed and the Buccaneers would drop to the sixth seed and face the team in the third seed. That could be one of three teams; the New Orleans Saints, the Seattle Seahawks, or the Green Bay Packers, depending on the outcomes of their week 17 games.

So what does it all mean? Simple, just win baby!

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