Tampa Bay Buccaneers “Playoff Speak”


Being a follower of the Buccaneers does not make one oblivious to playoff language. We hear it every season. The team is “rounding into form.” “We’re getting hot at the right time.” Then there is the classic standby. “We’ve been working hard for this.” The biggest difference this year is that it is the Buccaneers you’re hearing this from and boy, doesn’t it feel good.

What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

With Tampa Bay punching their ticket to the postseason this last Sunday, Buccaneers fans can finally say we’re back! And that’s the thing with being a Buccaneers fan. You’ve been to the big party. It’s just that for the longest time, the table in the back is where you’ve been sitting.

Now it’s time to order another drink and make it a double. Not only has 2020 been a doozy of a year, but Tampa Bay has three professional sports teams that all made a postseason statement. The Rays won the American League pennant. The Lightning won Lord Stanley’s Cup. Now the Buccaneers are in the playoffs. It is time to let your Tampa Bay sports flags fly!

Saying All The Right Things

The entire world knows that Tom Brady always seems to know the right things to say. After this week’s game, saying, “We’re 10-5 and I know that gets us a spot. But I think there’s still a big week ahead of us for preparation and improvement as a team.”

Having just secured the Buccaneers’ first playoff appearance in a long time. With the season long dialogue about whether coming to Tampa Bay was a mistake, “there’s going to be a bunch of teams that make it this year, and there’s only going to be one team that ends up happy”. Pure Tom Brady gold.

Think About This For A Moment

Since Jason Licht brought Brady here in mid-March. Amid the begginig of the pandemic, and all the uncertainty. The Buccaneers have been waiting for a moment like they felt this last Saturday. Securing a spot in the postseason dance.

My personal, all time favorite quote from Tom Brady? “You want to know which ring is my favorite one? The next one”.

And THAT Buccaneers fans is the reason for the excitement that has stirred in your stomach since the Spring. That’s the reason why even in missing the playoffs for the first time this millennium, you will hear no words of ill will from Patriots fans toward the best quarterback to ever string them up. The enthusiasm is real and contagious as well. #12 is the real deal.

This time of year. This guy just knows exactly what to say. Here’s to hoping the other fifty-two Buccaneers are listening. The fans of the Buccaneers sure are, and they love what they are hearing.