Real Bucs Talk Podcast: Bucs/Lions Offensive Film Study


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On this episode of Real Bucs Talk Podcast the guys breakdown the offensive game film from the Buccaneers 47-7 victory over the Lions.

TOM FREAKING BRADY! Tampa Tommy had possibly the best first half of his career and definitely of his short Buccaneer career against the Lions. Totaling 4 TDs and 348 yards passing he carved up the Lions defense.

I don’t care if it was against a banged up Lions team without their coaching staff. It takes high level precision, accuracy, decision making and execution from the entire offense to have a massive day like that. The entire offense and Bucs coaching staff deserves a standing ovation for the simple changes they have made to the offense since the Bye week.

Lets hope this becomes a normal occurrence instead of an outlier!

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