Tom Brady Not Taking the Bait from Chase Young


The stressed audio of Washington defensive lineman Chase Young running off the field last week is sad. Not because in an NFL, 2020, “COVID” inspired season, you can suss this type of clip out. Sad because this is the best locker room chalk board material the media could come up with. Blame it on the GOAT.


#12 Will Say His Peace

Seems like the media has been chasing Tom Brady for juicy quotes since forever. With twenty-one career playoff victories, he’s been to this rodeo once or twice. Choosing to let his play on the field do his talking. The greatest quarterback of all time will always have something to say, at the right time.

When asked about the Washington rookie defensive lineman’s comments from Sunday (here), Brady was as cool as the other side of the pillow. “He’s a great young player,” Brady said. “We’ve got our hands full with that D-line, one of the best D-lines in the league”. Then, in the way only Tom Brady can, he waxed it back to a college rivalry. Speaking of Young, Brady stated, “He went to Ohio State, so naturally I think the Ohio State-Michigan thing wears off on him a little bit.”. The fact that the talented defensive lineman was in diapers when Brady played his last down at Michigan, funny. The fact that it seems that it’s been almost as long since Michigan was relevant in the rivalry? Maybe not as much.

Not Taking The Bait

Do not he misled. This narrative is the strongest sound bite potential leading up to Saturday nights wildcard game. Which is just the way Brady likes it. Not only one to lead from within. He will also, always take the attention from the media so that his teammates can focus on matters at hand. What Brady won’t do is needlessly throw gratuitous bulletin board material at opposing teams.

Tom Brady will let his play do the taking this Saturday night. He will be joined by fifty-two teammates that will help make that statement. He will get that “bait” in the end. Only, it will be the Washington Football Team that ends up “on the hook”.


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