Will the Buccaneers Offense Be Enough to Win the NFC?


The 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers broke all major passing franchise records. Hell, one can argue it could be the greatest assembling of one-time superstars assembled on offense and it’s largely thanks to quarterback Tom Brady. Dropping 507 yards on the league’s no. 2 defense in the Washington Football Team is nothing to scoff at, but can they sustain against the rest of the way to win the NFC?

Breaking Down Bucs Losses Against Remaining NFC Playoff Teams

Despite the team’s 2-5 record against playoff teams, let’s look at Brady’s numbers in those games against the Rams, Packers, and two Saints matches. Through the four games, he passed a combined 830 yards, six touchdowns, and seven interceptions. It comes to quite pedestrian numbers in the air. With receiver Antonio Brown firmly entrenched into the offense along with a healthy receiving corps, that could change.

The Buccaneers Are Surging at Right Time

Since the November 29th loss against the Kansas City Chiefs, Brady’s been dominant through the air during the 5-game win streak. With the exception against the Minnesota Vikings, he’s averaged well over 300 passing yards almost reaching 400 on three occasions. He’s also thrown for only one INT and 16 TDs. You can make the case of Buffalo’s Josh Allen being as hot a QB recently. That being said, the Bucs are also facing a hot New Orleans team who’s had their number and the only team who’s defeated them by more than one score.

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Why The Bucs Can Win Against the Saints

What do the Bucs having in their favor aside from having a very capable offense? First, no NFL team has been an opponent three times in the same year since 2009. This includes the Ravens finally scoring the upset over the Titans. Second, the Bucs defeated two teams that beat the Saints in the Packers and Raiders. Do the Bucs have the defense to take them to the promised land? Most certainly, the defense on the other hand…