Brees and Brady Take Different Roads To Playoffs


Drew Brees and Tom Brady are two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Right now the quarterbacks have taken two very different roads to the playoffs this season.

According to PFF, Brady leads the league with a 9.8 yard average depth of target. On the opposite end of the spectrum Brees ranks with the shortest at 6.7 yards. The two star quarterbacks are battling for career statistical marks in both yards and touchdowns

Brees “leading” the league with the shortest depth of target is no surprise, he’s made a career out of dinking and dunking. Brady however seems to be breaking the myth that he is a dink and dunker by leading the league in the depth of target stat.

A few things we can be sure of, both of these quarterbacks are first ballot hall of famers. Both of them are arguably in the top-10 discussion of greatest quarterbacks of all time. But only one is widely considered the GOAT, and only one will be getting ready for the conference championship game this time next week.

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