Conference Championship Sunday: If You Had To Pick Just One


Your an NFL fan. Your team either missed the playoffs, or were eliminated at this point. There are two championship games on this Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs against the Buffalo Bills (AFC) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Green Bay Packers (NFC). Which one are you watching?

You Make The Call

The defending Super Bowl champion, Chiefs or the team that filled the AFC East vacuum with the departure of Tom Brady from New England, the Bills. The State Farm, double-check Packers or the Buccaneers. Whoa!

2021 NFL Conference Championship Weekend/via Jeffrey Phelps/Associated Press
2021 NFL Conference Championship Weekend/via Jeffrey Phelps/Associated Press

The reality is. There are actually two great games this “Championship Sunday”. Teams that not only deserve to be battling it out for the rights to play in Super Bowl LV (55), but should also present two very competitive contests.

Can Anybody Be Impartial

Truth is, it has to be the game with Tom Brady. Playing in his 14th conference championship game. Having played in 10 of the last 11. Becoming just the third QB to start a conference championship in each conference. Joining Joe Montana (San Francisco, Kansas City), Jay Schroeder(Washington, LA Raiders), and Craig Morton (Dallas, Denver).

Having made the playoffs 18 seasons over the course of his career, Brady is postseason money. Sunday, he will become the first quarterback since the merger to start a conference championship in three different decades.

Never Miss A Chance

The NFL Network had aired a whole lot of “Tom Terrific” football this week. The Buccaneers versus the Packers from earlier this season. The Patriots/Chiefs AFC Championship game from 2019. Pop Warner games featuring a 13-yr old Brady from 1990. All right, a little exaggerated. But if you have tuned into the network at any given time this week, there is about a 65% chance you saw a game featuring the goat.

Now this might be mostly because Tom Brady has been as much a part of the NFL postseason over the last two decades as overpriced commercial air time. And it never gets old. That commercial air time is so highly priced for the same reason that Brady, and this year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are so hard not to watch. Because both are so darned entertaining.