Super Bowl Stat Line Prediction: Quarterback


There is typically only one true leader on the offense and the entire team, the quarterback. One man who is the face of the success or failure of a team. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that face is Tom Brady. This season he has turned things around as no one else could. Now it’s the final game, the one to end the entire season, the Super Bowl. Here are some bold predictions for Brady.

The First Match-Up

Week 12 was a primer for what could be and what eventually would become the Super Bowl. Now Brady did not fare very well against the Chiefs. His two interceptions facilitated a three-point loss that pushed the Buccaneers to a wild card spot. Granted they did not come till the second half, the offensive struggles surely helped them get there in the first half. Three, three, and outs escalated the situation early for the Buccaneers. Five incomplete passes of varying degrees contributed to four drives stalling and killing any momentum rather early. You can expect that performance will not be repeated. Since then, the offense has found ways to strive.

Momentum Gaining Season

Since the Kansas City game, Brady and the offense found a grove. Evidence of such is found with Brady’s quarterback rating residing over 110 for the last four games of the season, no matter how bad the team. Looking at the season in its entirety, Brady approached numbers that would exceed his career averages. In the 2020s regular-season Brady posted better than his career average in completion percentage, touchdown percentage, and yards gained per pass attempt. Additionally, this year was his second-highest touchdown total in a season. Brady has clearly shown he can perform at his age and in a new system.

Post Season Highs And Lows

Given Brady’s performance this year and over his career, he is still not without faults. In the game against the Green Bay Packers Brady threw interceptions on three straight drives. Now, not all those were his fault but ultimately, he and the offense should have learned from those mistakes. One of the lessons they should look at is the throwing away of the ball in the face of pressure. This has been an issue for Brady in not only the postseason but in the week 2 matchup with Kansas City. Otherwise, Brady and the offense have been learning quickly from each other and forming a formidable system that is not looking to put it all together for the Super Bowl.

Bold Prediction: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

Brady is a quick study. He rarely makes the same mistake twice. Brady will learn from the week 12 matchup and the postseason. He is going to spread the ball around and ensure the offense does not fall flat in the first quarter. The 43 year old quarterback will have some tricks up his sleeve for this game. Brady will post a stat line to the tune of 400 plus yards and four touchdowns.

Call me optimistic but the Buccaneers have been gaining momentum and this offense is looking to finally break out at the most convenient time ever!

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