Ndamukong Suh Has a Soft Side?


Most know Ndamukong Suh for his ferocious snarl. Turns out, the three-time All Pro defensive end, Suh, has a “world-class smile as well. One that shined brightest when talking about the upcoming birth of twins for him, and his beautiful wife, Katya.

Don’t Judge A Book…

This kid has had a million dollar smile since his days at Nebraska. It just got lost sometimes in that temper that comes out between the lines. Just as it should be.

If you’ve ever stood within ten-feet of the 11th year veteran, he has a sneer that can make even the coldest of men shiver. The Ndamukong Suh that got offended in week six when Aaron Rodgers did the Hinkle McCringleberry (see Suh/Rodgers history), that’s the assassin Jason Licht brought in last year to give this Todd Bowles defense an edge.

Laying Down Facts

Appearing this week on Showtime’s Inside the NFL (here), Suh spoke of the Buccaneers front seven, the home Super Bowl, and sleepless nights. HOF linebacker and host of Inside the NFL, Ray Lewis referred to Suh as “big-daddy, big-daddy, BIG-DADDY”. Asking him about that Todd Bowles front seven. Suh responding, “it’s a ferocious defense”, referring to line-mate Vea saying, “big boy Vita, that’s my guy. Now he can take all the double-teams”. Smiling throughout the entire interview.

When asked by Michael Irvin about the greatest gift an organization can give its fan base being a home Super Bowl. Suh responded that the team had realized they had put themselves into a spot being the fifth seed. Going on the road to play Washington, New Orleans, and Green Bay. Finishing, “we’re excited about this rematch”, referring to the last time Tampa Bay played Kansas City. Suh went on to add  “we’re ascending and not descending”. Something every Buccaneers fan, as well as the NFL world would definitely agree with.

A Suh’nami Of Happiness

This man is still a beast on the grid iron. A leader, on a team of leaders. He is also happy, blessed, and, soon to be father of twins. He told the crew from Inside the NFL of some sleepless nights on the road to parenthood. There will be a couple more.

Many congratulations to the Suh family. Keep smiling, Ndamukong. There are going to be sleepless nights that might tempt that smile into a snarl. Don’t fight being a softie. The best dads are.