Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians; “The Veterans Love That Sh_t”


The next time Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians doesn’t speak his mind, will be the first time. Admit it Buccaneers fans. One of the reasons you love Arians is he’s a straight shooter. That, and the guy can flat out coach.

Changing Seasons

We all know how incredibly different the 2020 NFL preseason was. Wait. What preseason? Exactly! Between zoom meetings, distant coaching, and the Brady Bunch partying at Berkeley Prep. The months leading up to last season were like no other. There are those who believe this should be closer to the norm.

Coach Arians comments come by way of Greg Auman of The Athletic posted on Pro Football Talk (here). In the only way Arians can do, the comments straddle the line of offensive, without breaking any hearts.

Interesting Concept

Coach Arians points out how important preseason can be for young player development. That veterans might have “vested” interest in slowing this development, would make fiscal sense. While true, the word voluntary is used in a lot of off-season activities. That word seems a little construed at times

There is no doubt less wear and tear on players bodies would be a good thing. But Arians points out that the limited physical contact last year seems to produce more issues early in camp. A true “chicken or the egg” dilemma.

The New Normal

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has already made the case for the virtual future. It includes more virtual, period. But with words like organized, voluntary, and optional being used, there will always be a grey area with regard to what 100% commitment looks like. It’s part of the dance.

What else is also part of the dance? That Buccaneers head ball coach Bruce Arians speaks his mind. That and the guy can flat out coach. Buccaneers fans are loving every minute of that sh_t.