Give ‘em Hell, Tom Brady


Buccaneers’ faithful have chips on their shoulders. When the media has picked, cajoled, and basically insulted you for so long. You tend to develop a thick skin toward the bums. When Tom Brady tweeted his, “I love talk radio” drop (here) this week, seemed like a good little hype video. And it was. But oh how the talking heads take issue with the return fire.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Although nobody worth their salt in the sports media completely bet against the goat. Most took each and every opportunity to take a swing at the champ every chance they had. Can’t throw the long ball. Too old. Past his prime. If #12 yawned, he’d soon turn to Rip Van Winkle.

Let’s not forget each and every sports outlet relied on Tom Brady to put food on the table. Go back and count every post, story, mention, sound bite, and video clip for every sports show in 2020. The Buccaneers champion quarterback will be #1. As it should be when your the greatest.

Dish It Out, But Hate To Take It

So we’ve all heard somebody media person mention the talk radio tweet by now. I’m not sure about you, but when I first saw the drop, I was like…..”like”! But  it seems the pundits who make bank questioning Tom Brady at every turn. Maybe didn’t like it as much.

When Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk spends seven plus minutes questioning the intentions of his bread and butter. The post, including video can be seen (here). Buccaneers fans should be grinning from ear-to-ear.

First off. Media can have their opinions. Everybody has one (wink, wink). If this type of post keeps Brady being Brady, we’re all good.  Buccaneers fans have put up with a lot of disrespect through the years.  Throwing some back upstream feels good for a change. For the first time in awhile, most of the chips belong to the Buccaneer fans. Whether they are chips on shoulders or chips on the table.

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