Bucs UK Podcast: The Man Behind the Halftime Show


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BucsUK Podcast
BucsUK Podcast

On this episode of the Bucs UK Podcast, we have something different for you. We are very fortunate to have been granted a rare interview with director Hamish Hamilton, the man responsible for directing the Super Bowl halftime shows for the past 12 years.

We hear from Hamish about what it is like directing the half time show and he takes us behind the scenes of what it is like for him and all the halftime show team during the Super Bowl. He also shares some stories about when he directed the Oscars, the London 2012 opening and closing ceremonies and what it is like working with the exceptional talent he has had the chance to. We also put some quick fire questions to Hamish from a few of our BucsUK members.

Finally, we pay our tribute to Buccaneers former Wide Receiver and Captain, Vincent Jackson, who sadly passed away. Rest in peace 83.

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