Brady was Thinking About 2021 Hours After SB LV Victory


Maybe you file this one under, “nothing to see here”. True, there may be no breaking headlines. But this will be sure to bring a smile to Buccaneers fans everywhere: Tom Brady, your Super Bowl LV MVP (and the greatest NFL quarterback of ALL TIME!) was on the horn with quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen the morning after winning the championship. What were they talking about? Well, they were talking about room for improvement.


Staying The Course

Call him the ambassador of perfection. Say what you will about his drive. Try to figure out what makes that engine go. It will always work back around to preparation. Preparation for physical perfection. Being prepared to lead the team. Preparing for greatness. It inspires others.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reported that just hours after the second championship in Buccaneers team history, Tom Brady was at it again. The article talks about a phone conversation just hours after the triumphant victory, while Buccaneers fans were still goo-goo.

The greatness that is Brady was already preparing.

Chance Favors The Prepared Mind

In the case of Brady, there is little chance his mind won’t be prepared. It rubs off to his teammates. His coaches. The entire organization. It carried Buccaneer fans through a pandemic. It was the icing on the Champa Bay 2020 cake.

And it’s just getting started.

Over the few months there will be news. Free agency. The NFL draft. What will 2021 look like for OTAs and mini-camps? What will those Super Bowl rings look like?

Meanwhile, Tom will be enjoying that beautiful family. Living his best life. You know that No. 12 will be watching video. Working out. Maintaining pliability. Preparing to lead this team again. Why wouldn’t he? The best Super Bowl title is the next one.

Buccaneer fans should be prepared.

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