The official date for the yearly tradition of the NFL’s schedule release has arrived.

Go ahead and rejoice, because the NFL announced Wednesday that the 2021 season schedule will be released on Wednesday, May 12 at 8PM EST.

As aforementioned, the unveiling of the schedule has become an offseason highlight for the NFL and its fans. The event will receive its own personal broadcast on the NFL Network, which is sure to draw in plenty of viewers.

And even though leaks will be reported throughout the days leading up, it will still be fun to watch everything officially unfold as they break down each team’s upcoming schedule and opponents.

One thing to consider -especially for the Bucs- is where the Bye Week will be located, largely due to the addition of a 17th game. Besides the usual NFC South opponents, other marquee matchups include: the New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, and Buffalo Bills.

Get your popcorn ready and get ready for all of the “breaking down [enter here’s] 2021 schedule” articles that you can handle.