Tom Brady Continues To Win The Off-Season


Even in the off-season Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady continues to win. Per the NFLPA, Brady led all players in retail sales and broke the Fanatics record for most jersey sales in one year.

This comes weeks after Brady set the record for the highest amount paid for a trading card at $2.25 million. Which comes a month after he broke the previous record. Throw in the fact that also started his own Non fungible token (NFT) company, Brady has won the off-season early.

And the best part for the Bucs and their fans is all of the brand-new Bucs jerseys that will be on display during the summer and when the NFL kicks off in September. The Bucs have always been a small-market team, but as we all know, Brady’s presence puts the ultimate spotlight on wherever he goes.

Is there anything Brady can’t win or be the best at? The guy has seven Super Bowls, a supermodel wife, and one of the best lives anyone can imagine. He’s the epitome of success in a field that is nearly impossible for most to be even slightly good at.

So get ready, Bucs fans. You’re going to be represented far and wide during the 2021 season. And beyond.