Bucs Are Making Their Own Path Toward Third Super Bowl


It’s no secret that Tom Brady was the catalyst to Tampa Bay’s 2020 championship run, but when it comes to a repeat, the Bucs are making their own path toward a third Super Bowl.

Free agency was navigated masterfully by Jason Licht, Mike Greenberg, Jacqueline Davidson, and others. Tampa Bay made history with the moves that were made. Bruce Arians and his staff knew what they needed to add in the draft and they did just that.

The majority of the roster heads into its third year in Arians’/Byron Leftwich’s and Todd Bowles’ systems. It’s clear that the Bucs have their foundation and now, they’re building a mansion on it.

The Bucs have done everything that was required of them in order to repeat as Super Bowl champs. If they’re able to run the table again in 2021, it will be because the organization put itself in the best spot to succeed.

Many assume that the Bucs will return to their losing ways once Brady leaves. I mean, they amassed the NFL’s third-worst record from 2008 (the last time they made the playoffs) to 2019 and didn’t make the playoffs once. Brady’s arrival put the Bucs on the map.

But based off what we’ve seen so far this year, the Bucs are going to stay on said map. And it’s not solely because of Brady. It’s what they have done -and are currently doing- that will keep them relevant.

Football is a team sport, but Brady’s 2020 arrival is what sparked the success. However, 2021 will be different. That’s because the Bucs, as a team, are making sure they sustain success.