Bucs Sit Atop NFL’s Latest Power Rankings


They always say it’s easier to find success than to sustain, but don’t tell that to the Bucs, who currently sit atop the NFL’s latest power rankings.

NFL.com has updated its rankings after the draft. Based off what the Bucs did in both free agency and the draft, it’s easy to see why they are No. 1.

Gregg Rosenthal authored the post. His reasoning is below:

“We’re sure there’ve been other years where the reigning Super Bowl champ used its offseason to aggressively pursue keeping the entire core in place for a title defense, but we don’t know if there’s ever been a team that was this successful. With Antonio Brown back in the fold, every relevant contributor returns for an encore, and it will be fascinating to watch this simple strategy play out. Meanwhile, second-round pick Kyle Trask becomes the latest QB prospect selected to eventually replace a retiring Tom Brady. Get comfortable, kid.”

It’s quite possible that Tampa Bay has the largest target of any defending champ on its back heading into 2021. Tom Brady already has a big enough bullseye painted on his back, so it makes sense that all eyes are on the Bucs when you couple that with the moves this team has made over the last couple months.

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