Tom Brady’s Return To Foxboro Is More Than Just A Game


You know you have thought a million ways to Sunday about it. All the algorithmic perfection that goes into an NFL schedule. Seems like sweet coincidence when events happen at predetermined locations. Or exactly when they are supposed to, during an NFL season. It truly goes into the “secret sauce” of what makes the NFL the greatest.

And So It Goes

When the NFL schedule began to leak throughout the day on Wednesday, there were so many Buccaneer narratives being written. The Dallas Cowboys coming to town to give the Buccaneers a tune-up game. A Monday night rematch from 2020 against the New York Giants, except this time, it’s here in Tampa Bay. When does the team have the bye week; (it’s Week 9 for those keeping score at home).

Then there was the most important question for the NFL’verse. When will we see Tom Brady’s return to Foxboro?

The return of the Chosen One.

It is by far and away the game that 2021 exists for. The return of the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League. To the place where he led the greatest NFL franchise of the 21st century. Arguably, the greatest franchise of all time. A revamped New England squad, still led by one of the greatest coaches in league history, Bill Belichick. But this would be burying the lede.

Right Place, Right Time?

One of the great stories of 2020 was having Tom Brady and Drew Brees playing in the same NFC South. With Brees retiring after a magnificent career, it seems like it’s just a matter of time before Brady passes Brees for the most passing yards in league history. With Brees sitting at 80,358, and Brady at 79,204, it’s obvious that the 1,154-yard difference is minute.

And now, for the rub.

In 2020, Tom Brady averaged 289.6 yards passing per game. At this rate, it would take Brady until on or around the fourth week of this upcoming NFL season to reach this incredible milestone.

When were the Buccaneers to visit Boston this year? Ah, Week 4, on October 3. A nationally televised Sunday night affair.

Isn’t that just perfection.

There were so many Patriot fans pulling for Tom Brady in 2020. But will they cheer for Tom Brady’s return to Foxboro? You never forget your first. In Brady’s case, your best. It almost seems deserving that should the NFL gods see fit for Brady to pass Brees in 2021. Letting it statistically be possible for the record to be broken in his return to Foxborough is good karma.

Although, whether it’s the week before in Los Angeles against the Rams. Or the week following at Raymond James against the Dolphins. Buccaneers fans will still celebrate the GOAT. Along with the rest of the world.