Buccaneers Godwin “Positively” Dropping Knowledge


In what will amount to the best thing Buccaneers fans will ready today. Maybe all week for that matter. With Monday Morning in America’s Peter King on holiday. Buccaneers wunderkind WR Chris Godwin fills in as a guest columnist this week. And did he have a great story to tell. Make that, several stories.

Positively Sweet

If you didn’t already love Chris Godwin, read (here) and you will. From nineteen years ago, in the fall of 2002. Signing up for football for the first time at six-years of age. The first team he played for. Who else? The Bucs. Seeing his first Super Bowl that January. The victorious team that year would become his favorite. Again, the Buccaneers . How poetic.

Because he was so tall. His first positions were on the offensive line and linebacker. Explaining no doubt his love for physicality on the field. A trait that is absolutely Chris Godwin. Turns out the former Nittany Lion can really write.

Call From The 813

There was the call on draft day for the 813 area code. Could it be? The kid who cut his teeth on Derrick Brooks, John Lynch and Mike Alstott, was going to Tampa Bay! There is so much of this you just can’t make up. When Jameis Winston becomes a free agent after the 2019 season. The question of who the 4th year wide receiver would be catching biscuits from. Again, Godwin doesn’t disappoint with this tale.

With rumors circulating that it could be Teddy Bridgewater, Phillip Rivers, or even Tom Brady. His response when he realized after hearing that Brady and the Buccaneers were agreeing to terms. Then getting a direct message from him. Again. Just such a Monday morning delicacy.

Now Ya Know

What becomes more and more apparent as the story winds thru. The Buccaneers HAD to bring a player of Godwin’s stature back to the team in 2021. If not for the pure talent and phenomenal skills. Because players like Chris Godwin are the mettle championship teams are made of. With the entire squad back this season. It becomes clearer that a team is as much a sum of its parts than not.

And did i mention? The kid can write.

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