The TB12 Brand Transcends All The Others


Sports fans have come to expect certain things from the brands we see athletes endorse. Raise your hand if the first real pair of basketball shoes you owned were Chuck Taylor’s. Then there was Michael Jordan though which Phil Knight built an empire on the Air Jordan brand. As the 80’s came around the Olympics brought athletes out endorsing companies like McDonalds, clothing brands, up til today where Frank Thomas and Doug Flutie preach the outstanding effects of testosterone therapies. Not to say that all of these in their own ways were off their marks. What you won’t see in these examples is what it has taken Tom Brady to build his TB12 brand. Why it works. And Buccaneers fans should understand that it is because of the man. Not just on the field of play. But everything Brady does off the field as well. While all the other brands come and go. Rise and fall. This system Tom has built is built for the long game.

Tom Just Be You

The avocado ice cream. The fresh fruit and vegetable shakes he consumes throughout his day. The methodical attention he puts into everything he does. To keep the body, as well as the mind right. Not forgoing to hang out with other players, friends, or acquaintances who may not walk the same road to glory. But only people who are accepting of how he needs to be. To be able to perform at Tom Brady’s top peak condition.

Having worn TB12 in New England for two decades, then coming to Tampa Bay, and right into TB12 South. Wearing a beautiful red Buccaneers inspired TB12 hat playing yesterday in the Match IV, Tom and Phil lost to Aaron and Bryson. But Buccaneers fans were watching every drive, chip, and putt from Brady. Wanting to see how that knee looked. And for all intentions it looked really, really good. All just another part of the TB12 brand.

The Other Side of Tom

Besides the training, training, and even more training. There are the spiritual trips with the family. The Middle East trip not long after Super Bowl LV ended. The family such a loving and close unit. No less another part of what goes into making the TB Brand so unique. The Tweet by Gisele bündchen during yesterday’s round. Like a football team needs to have success. A family must also have an “all in” mentality. And, the Brady’s have that.