Buccaneers Biggest NFC Threat To Repeating: NFC East


In order to repeat the Buccaneers must first make the playoffs. Once there they will face yet another gauntlet of teams waiting to knock them off the pedestal. Here is a look at potentially most dangerous teams they may face in the postseason.

NFC East

With the East up for grabs this year many have already crowned the Dallas Cowboys as the potential champs. But don’t discount the Washington Football Team. It’s not that the Cowboys offense doesn’t look potent, it’s that they don’t have a defense that instills fear as much as Washington’s. After all, the defense wins championships.

The Defense

Washington has invested heavily in their defense. Headlining the group, Chase Young and Montez Sweat will be attacking offenses from the outside. The interior of the defense looks just as good with, Brett Urban, Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, and Tim Settle. That’s also a lot of depth.

Their weakest position, linebacker, was bolstered during the draft. Jamin Davis of Kentucky was drafted 19th overall. Once he overcomes his inexperience, he’ll become a force to boost the Washington defense and supplement Jon Bostic and Cole Holcomb.

On the back end, They have William Jackson, Kendall Fuller, and Jeremy Reaves. To further gain depth the Football Team also drafted Benjamin St-Juste in the third round. Needless to say, the Washington Football Team’s defense is scary. Couple that with Ron Rivera and they have the makings of something special.

The Offense

As for their offense, they do have a stout offensive line, Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel, Logan Thomas, and Antonio Gibson. Quarterback is the only real question. Tyler Heinicke gave the Buccaneers some fits. Speaking of fits Ryan Fitzpatrick, the squirrely journeyman is also on the roster. Don’t discount their capabilities.

Here’s the kicker if the Buccaneers face them again. Currently, on the roster, there are three former Buccaneers. Outside Fitzpatrick, Adam Humphries, and Peyton Barber on this squad. They would love to knock out the team that let them go even if they are not the starters.

Why Not The Cowboys

So yes, the Cowboys look like world-beaters on offense with Dak Prescott back. But even after a draft loaded with defensive picks there is still a question mark there. Micha Parsons looks like a great selection at 12th overall but will have to prove himself.

In the 2020 season Washington was number two in yards allowed, passing yards allowed, and 13th in rushing yards allowed. They only allowed 21 passing touchdowns, good enough for second overall. The Cowboys, however, were in the bottom ten in all those categories. They have some ground to make up for sure. Furthermore, the Cowboys were in the bottom half of the league in drives that resulted in a score.

QB Situation

With Prescott back, you can argue they will have an offense that stays on the field longer. This will give the defense breaks and likely better starting field positions. What seems to be forgotten is that Washington had issues at quarterback as well. Dwyane Haskins was far worse than anything the Cowboys fielded outside of Ben DiNucci. Fitzpatrick will give them a much better product on the field.