Bucs Rookie Joe Tryon Crushes QB in Debut


When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers found themselves on the clock in this year’s draft they wasted no time in selecting OLB Joe Tryon. As it turned out, the rookie out of Washington didn’t waste time showing why he was selected with the 32nd overall pick.

The play was negated by a personal foul for contact with the quarterback’s helmet. The penalty was debatable, the speed and ferocity that Tryon used to get to the quarterback wasn’t.

Bruce Arians hated the call on Tryon’s sack

Arians called a timeout to discuss the play with the officials and didn’t mince words when it came to his assessment of the call.

“Yeah, he [Brandon Allen] was a runner,” Arians told reporters. “He wasn’t a quarterback. He was running the option. The play’s been in the league for a while. Hell, you can hit them when they fake it. There’s no such thing as bodyweight. He wasn’t in a passing position. He was a runner. He misread it, obviously. That might be one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in about 10 years.”

Tryon played 31% of defensive snaps against the Bengals and 9% of special teams snaps. He may not have shown up in the box score, but that doesn’t mean his impact went unnoticed.

“He was disruptive,” said Arians. “He showed some stuff. He didn’t get there all the time, but he was disruptive.”

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