Tom Brady Throwing Shade at Training Camp


“We haven’t even had a regular season practice yet”, said Tom Brady today at training camp. Stressing that this team has done nothing yet. The same line HC Bruce Arians used recently. Instilling in the 2021 Buccaneers team a lack of complacency as they head toward a title defense. Just exactly what Buccaneers fans like to hear.

We talking about practice?

The team is hosting the Tennessee Titans for joint practices ahead of Saturday’s preseason game. These will without a doubt, be some of the most productive days of training camp 2021. The team Mike Vrabel coaches is built like a Jason Licht clone, The team that handed Brady his last playoff loss in 2019. Comes to play.

Led by NFL 2020 rushing leader, Derek Henry. The 2021 Titans offense will be called by Todd Drowning. With former offensive coordinator Arthur Smith now leading Buccaneers NFC South division rival, Atlanta Falcons. Tennessee brought a Falcon their way, signing WR Julio Jones. He will complement the very dangerous, 2020 pro bowl receiver, A.J. Brown. Completing the equation is an offense led by quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

The defense will not rest

When the teams have held joint training camp practices in the past, the defense has usually stolen the show. With Jason Pierre-Paul famously teaching Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan how to ice skate in 2018. It should come as no surprise with the makeup of these two teams. Defense is always going to win the day this early in the season. Specifically here.

It should also come as no surprise that Saturday night will be a night for the youngsters from both squads to make some noise. The veterans, starters, and coaches themselves will be making most of their noise in these practices. That said. It is safe to say that both of these teams are better for the coordinated matchups, practice, and looks they get from these. When your talking about two of the teams that should be seriously considered as favorites to represent their conferences in Super Bowl LVI. The competition they give each other here in the summer, should pay dividends for both squads well into the fall.

With the heat index above 105 here in Tampa Bay and the action at the Advent Health training facility heating up. Buccaneers fans know that any shade thrown by Brady can be productive. In Florida, in August, there really is no such thing as bad shade.

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