Buccaneers Have Two Sets of COVID-19 Protocols


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are gearing up for their last preseason game this Saturday against the Texans, with an eye on the season opener against the Cowboys.

The team has had a solid training camp and preseason in spite of their 0-2 record. The question is, what are the Buccaneers doing to thwart off the recent surge of COVID-19 cases? The answer is simple, they’re going to stick with what worked last year.

Speaking with the media on Wednesday, head coach Bruce Arians laid out his rules for the team in regards to COVID-19 protocols.

“For us, life is not normal, we’re pretty much under the same protocols as last year. Just because that’s the way it is, especially living here. With Tennessee coming in and going out to dinner, they found out the hard way and so did Ryan [Succop]. We can only tell them so much but once we get to 53 – even this weekend, our guys are going to make a bunch of sacrifices that you have to make now. Families at the hotel, all of those things are all out the window.”

Arians went on to say,

“There’s league rules and then there are my rules, they aren’t going anywhere. We’re doing the same as last year. I don’t give a crap if they’re vaccinated or not. They’re not going anywhere.”

As Arians mentioned earlier, Kicker Ryan Succop tested positive for COVID-19 after going out to dinner with some friends from the Tennessee Titans. This doesn’t affect his status for the season opener, but it may have prompted Arians to reiterate HIS protocols.

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