J.T. Olsen’s Week One NFL Power Rankings


Week one of the 2021 NFL regular season is only a day away. After an offseason that saw the league get back to some normalcy, it’s time to release a league wide power ranking. 

32) Houston Texans

Their best player is their quarterback and he will be on the sidelines for the foreseeable future. This is as bad of an overall roster that I’ve seen in the last decade.

31) Detroit Lions

There is young talent on this roster, but they are at the beginning of their rebuild. This might be the worst offense in the NFL. 

30) Philadelphia Eagles 

I know what quarterbacks are on this roster, but I don’t know who the starter should be. Prepare for this team to bottom out the NFL in 2021.

29) Oakland Raiders 

The Raiders lost a few key players from last year, particularly in the trenches. Feels like one step forward and two steps back for a team that wasn’t very good to begin with. 

28) Cincinnati Bengals 

The Bengals have some pieces and it’s clear they are focused on building a strong offense, but they just aren’t there yet. I see more questions than answers here.

27) New York Jets 

For the first time in years it feels like the Jets are moving in the right direction. Now they just need more talent to get them where they want to go.

26) Atlanta Falcons 

The rebuild is on the horizon after trading Julio Jones in the offseason. This team still has some big names, but there are dark times ahead.

25) Jacksonville Jaguars 

This is a big step in the right direction for the worst team in the NFL last year. They’ve added some exciting young talent, but at the same time they were still the worst team in the NFL last year. 

24) New York Giants 

If things break right for this team they could be a respectable group. With that said, I don’t trust Daniel Jones enough to think the most important thing breaks right.

23) Pittsburgh Steelers 

This offense concerns me. What looks to be a shaky offensive line and a quarterback in the twilight of his career feels like a very bad combination.

22) Carolina Panthers 

This team is starting to accumulate some talent on defense. The could be just a year, and perhaps a quarterback, away from relevancy. 

21) Baltimore Ravens 

As much as I trust the Ravens as a franchise, I don’t trust this roster. I see a lot of unproven talent that needs to step up for this team to have continued success. 

20) Arizona Cardinals 

I’m torn with this team because I love a lot of what they have. What I don’t love is the coaching staff and injury history. Great ingredients for a very average meal.

19) New Orleans Saints 

This team is in transition, particularly in the passing attack. Can Jameis Winston elevate an underwhelming group of playmakers? I don’t feel totally confident in that.

18) New England Patriots 

If not for Bill Belichick then I would have the Patriots lower. A hodgepodge of a roster led by a rookie quarterback that will somehow flirt with the playoffs.

17) Miami Dolphins 

It feels like this team is moving in the right direction. I think what this defense does, but I need to see them play at a high level a bit longer to really buy into them. 

16) Minnesota Vikings 

This is a very solid team. I wish the pass rush was stronger, but I think they are a good, not great roster all the way around. Dalvin Cook will take them far.

15) Dallas Cowboys 

I really like so much of this offense. I even like a few pieces on the defensive side of the ball. I just don’t think they have enough on defense to make them more than just above average. 

14) Denver Broncos 

I get there are questions at quarterback here. But for a team that’s strong pretty much everywhere else I can buy into the Broncos. 

13) Los Angeles Chargers 

There are more aspects of this team that I really like than not; specifically the secondary. I’d like to wait and see with the front seven and offensive line before completely jumping on board the bandwagon here.

12) Indianapolis Colts 

I am a fan of great defenses and running the ball. Add in a talented quarterback and a coaching staff that maximizes what they have and the Colts have something to be excited about. 

11) Chicago Bears 

The window is closing on this defense, but it’s not shut yet. If Justin Fields proves to be the quarterback I think he’ll be then this team is dangerous. 

10) Washington Football Team 

Elite strengths win championships. Washington has that with their defensive line. I don’t think the offense can get them top the top of the mountain, but they’re near the top.

9) Tennessee Titans 

There’s a lot of reason to believe in this offense. If I believed in the back seven more or the coaching staff then this team would be a contender in my mind.

8) San Francisco 49ers 

We saw a healthy 49ers team make a super bowl run two years ago. I don’t anticipate that type of success this year, but I think they’re closer to that than what we saw last year. 

7) Buffalo Bills 

A strong defense and an MVP caliber quarterback is a combination for success. However, I think too many aspects of this team are good and not great.

6) Seattle Seahawks 

An elite quarterback with top end playmakers around him. You can always pencil in Russell Wilson and the Seahawks for double digit wins.

5) Los Angeles Rams

The top end talent on this team is amazing. However, it’s a bit of a feast or famine roster in many ways. There are parts of this team that I just don’t trust.

4) Cleveland Browns 

I could easily see this team winning the Super Bowl. They land here only because they have the worst quarterback of the remaining teams above them.

3) Green Bay Packers 

This is a great team. Can Aaron Rodgers continue to play at an MVP level as he approaches 40 years old? I believe he can until he shows me he can’t. My only reservation is how much better are they than last year?

2) Kansas City Chiefs 

A true three headed monster on offense. This passing attack is incredibly dangerous and should be even better than last year with an improved offensive line. If another skill player can step up to take pressure of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce then watch out for the Chiefs in February. 

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

It’s good to be the king. The defending champions bring everybody back and added an exciting young pass rusher in the draft. The team has no weaknesses and have proven to be the best in the NFL. Until someone shows me otherwise, this is the Bucs spot to lose.

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