Tom Brady Heads to Los Angeles Staring at 500


When a team looks to get to .500, they are behind. They need a victory to get even. To not be “losing”. To even the record, for Tom Brady. The 500 we are talking about is yards. As in the number of yards it will take for him to pass Drew Brees as the all time NFL passing yards leader. Still talking about records here. But there certainly isn’t any “losing” to it.

A First Time for Everything

Even the undisputed GOAT has to do things for the first time. Believe it or not. This will be the very first time Tom Brady has played in the city of Los Angeles. He’s played against teams that were, or are in Los Angeles. He’s 5-2 against the Rams. The most recent being last seasons week 11, Monday night loss to them at Raymond James stadium.

Brady lost to the Rams his first season as a starter back in 2001. Revenge would be served when the Patriots defeated the Rams to end that season in Super Bowl XXXVI by the score of 20-17. This was the year before the Buccaneers won their first Lombardi trophy. In XXXVII against the Oakland Raiders. Tom Brady would also lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory over the Rams in 2019. Although none of these games occurred in the city of Los Angeles.

Wouldn’t it be Nice

Many prognosticators have Brady with a shot to pass Brees in week four. The infamous “return to Foxborough”. Many also had the Buccaneers coming out with the type of running game they finished last season with. Both of these may still come to “pass”. See what I did there? With the sudden retiring of Brees after a stellar Hall of Fame career. Whether Brady was to pass him was never a question. Only when.

With Brady’s passing yards currently at 655 yards. Averaging slightly under 328 yards per game. You wouldn’t think that dropping 499+ yards in passing on Sunday is a likelihood. But if there is a team in the NFL somebody could find themselves in a shoot-out with. The Los Angeles Rams, led by head coach Sean McVay, could be the one.

After a 2020 season in which more records were broken in Tampa Bay than disco demolition night at Comiskey park back in 1979. The total passing yards in NFL history will still be huge. Let’s just see Brady lead the Buccaneers to his first victory in Los Angeles as a professional. Buccaneers fans are just still getting used to living on the north side of .500. And doesn’t it feel great.

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