Arian’s And Staff’s Questionable Call May Cause Problems For Buccaneers


Already decimated with injuries to Sean Murphy-Bunting and Jamel Dean the Buccaneers needed help. To facilitate the bolstering of a thin unit the team went out and acquired the services of Richard Sherman. The thought was until the others are back from injury Richard Sherman and Carlton Davis would hold down the fort. Unfortunately, this plan has already blown up.


Listed as a full participant, Davis was participating in each practice. He looked every bit healthy and ready to perform. Unluckily, he injured himself during practice and was designated as limited and questionable Friday. The staff knew with his designation there was a higher likelihood of exasperating his injury. Perceptions were then taken to ensure his ability to play on Sunday against the Patriots. Come game time he was ready to go and would start. All things looked good.

Punt Coverage

As the game kicked off Davis looked stout. He was playing well for a player not at one hundred percent. In total he had registered one solo tackle and one pass deflection prior to the injury. He was contributing. But how much? It came apparent that he was being used much more than we had all originally thought. During punt coverage Davis ran down in attempt to tackle the punt returner when he pulled up lame. Subsequently he was helped off the field by trainers and was not putting any weight on his leg. He would not return.

More Than A Questionable Call

Fans were left scratching their heads. Why would Bruce Arians allow for a previously injured  player, particularly at a thin position, be on the field for unnecessary snaps? The Buccaneers had the likes of Ross Cockrell, Dee Delaney, and Pierre Desir on the team. They were dressed, playing on Sunday, and ready to get on the field. The call is damning to the “no risk it no biscuit” theory and tag line. In fact it’s an example of where not risking a
key players health would be beneficial to getting the “biscuit”.

Final Thought

At this point teams know not to run against the Buccaneers defense. All of the NFL will come out throwing against Tampa. You have to sacrifice something. It just can’t be the positional players who are going to be the lynch pin to success and failure. So, if a team is going to game plan against you in a manner that requires you to ensure the health of certain individuals you can’t risk them unnecessarily. The staff should have known
better. This may come back to bite the Buccaneers depending on how long they lose Davis.

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  1. Arians No Risk It No Biscuit saying comes from his philosophy about going for it all on offense. It has no relationship to special teams or defense. He lets those coaches decide who and how they should be playing.

    I do think in hindsight that you can question why Carlton Davis was on the punt protect team.

    As a college baseball player relayed to me that after you hurt your hamstring, you over compensate in use of your quad. If you watched the play, he simply got injured planting very similar to what he would have done while pass coverage. The baseball player seems to think that likely would have happened later in the game in pass coverage.

    Therefore, the mistake was playing him at all if there was a mistake.

    But in any case, not a No Risk it play for the bucs. Just a special teams regular doing a regular thing.

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