Arians Addresses Ronald Jones Trade Rumors


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are recovering from a 36-27 loss Sunday to the New Orleans Saints. With the NFL trade deadline being Tuesday the 2nd of November, rumors are always the buzz of any news feed. This year the trade deadline rumor attached to the Buccaneers seems to be for running back Ronald Jones.

Ronald Jones does seem to have been relegated to the backup position behind running back Leonard Fournette. That said, head coach Bruce Arians has already shot down the idea of the Buccaneers trading the 24 year old running back.

As Greg Auman of The Athletic reported Arians the question again on Monday, Arians elaborated a little more, “It would have to be something really, really special … I love the way he’s running. One nick on Leonard and RoJo’s the guy again. To me, it’s a great 1-2 punch. It would have to be something extraordinary.”

That’s not exactly a “no”, but it’s definitely not a ‘yes”. Arians has been known to play coy with his answers in the past. Remember just over a year ago, Arians was asked about the Buccaneers signing wide receiver Antonio Brown, to which Arians responded with, “It’s not gonna happen,” there’s no room. It’s just not gonna happen. It’s just not a fit here.” Arians went on to say Brown is “not a fit in our locker room.” Something to keep in mind.

The difference here is, if the Buccaneers were to trade Jones, that leaves the Buccaneers thin at the position behind Leonard Fournette. While I’m all for the “no risk it, no biscuit”, I think in this case the Buccaneers should stick with Jones.