Buccaneers Arians: “We’re a Dumb Football Team”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were coming off of their bye week and looking to get back on a winning track. The result of the game did not go in the Buccaneers favor and head coach Bruce Arians knows why.

“The penalties, they’ve got to get corrected sooner or later,” Arians said. “The first play of the game, we’re shifting, and we jump offsides. They don’t even run a play, and we jump offsides. The stupidity has to go away if we’re gonna go anywhere.”

“It has nothing to do with ability,” Arians continued. “It’s all about execution, and being a smart football team. We’re a very dumb football team, and that’s a reflection of the coaches.”

The Buccaneers committed six penalties against Washington, not a lot but it was more of the timing of the penalties. From the false start committed by O.J. Howard on the very first play to AL the other presnap penalties. It was once again “Bucs beating Bucs.

It’s not like this wasn’t a focal point for the team during their bye week. Being the defending Super Bowl champion comes with a lot of expectations and pressure. Then too come out and consistently shoot yourself in the foot over and over in crucial situations from the beginning of the game is just well, dumb.

If rhe team can’t get these penalties cleared up and soon the Buccaneers might be looking at having to start the playoffs from the Wildcard spot. With the talent this team has that indeed would also fall under the “dumb” category.