Keys to Cannon Fire: Bills at Buccaneers


Heading into week 14, the Buccaneers are taking on the Buffalo Bills in what may be their biggest challenge this season. The Rams game was also difficult, but many believe Buffalo is a Super Bowl contender despite their recent struggles. Tampa Bay is also hoping to get back to the championship game, meaning it might not be the first time these two teams meet. Let’s take a look at how the Bucs can pull off a statement win at home. 

All Eyes On Allen

Josh Allen is a favorite to win the MVP, alongside Tom Brady and others. The dual-threat quarterback is in his fourth NFL season, and led Buffalo to the AFC Championship last year. Allen has an incredibly strong arm, and has thrown some great deep balls over his career. Avoiding big plays through the air is one thing, but avoiding them on the ground is another. Allen has over 400 rushing yards going into this matchup, and is known for eluding multiple defenders at a time. Even though Tampa Bay’s run defense is one of the league’s best, Allen will certainly test their abilities on Sunday. 

Leaning On The Pass

The Bills offense has been up-and-down all year, but their defense rarely gives away points. In order for the Buccaneers to emerge victorious, they’re going to have to keep  drives alive. Leonard Fournette has been great running the ball over the past few weeks, I actually don’t see many carries for Fournette Sinday, Instead, Tom Brady should be frequently targeting Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, as the duo combined for 22 catches last week against Atlanta. While the Falcons defense is nowhere near Buffalo’s level, it doesn’t change the fact that Godwin and Evans are both playmakers. 

Keeping Diggs In Check

Stefon Diggs has been one of the NFL’s best receivers in recent years, especially through 2020. During his first season as a Bill, Diggs led the league in receiving yards with 1,535. This year, he’s slowed down a bit, but will likely cross the 1,000-yard mark within a week or two. Diggs is Josh Allen’s go-to target, even with Emmanuel Sanders emerging as a strong WR2. Against the Jets in week 10, Diggs had a season-high 162 receiving yards thanks to some bad coverage, which put the game way out of reach for New York.

All it may take is 2-3 catches of 20+ yards for a deficit to be created on the Buccaneers end, and it could be hard to climb back into the game given how strong the opposing defense is. These aren’t the words Tampa Bay’s secondary wants to hear, but it will give them a great opportunity to prove their worth.