Watch: Buccaneers Arians on Brady Running


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is the ultimate competitor. That competitiveness sometimes gets the best of you, or in this case makes you do some things before thinking them through.

Tom Brady played the 2021 season with a torn MCL, after offseason surgery, Brady seems to think he’s a running quarterback. That isn’t sitting well with Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians. The head coach addressed this during the team’s post-game press conference.

“Yeah, that’s enough of that (expletive),” Arians stated in response to Brady’s penchant to take off running.

“It has been pretty unlike me for a long time, but I kind of like getting out of there and making a couple plays. One was a first or second down play, and one was a third down play – but, I would much rather hand it to the running backs, let me just say that. Or throw it to the guys who have much more talent with the ball in their hands than I do.”

Arians didn’t just address this after the game, he was also caught on camera during the game telling Brady “That’s enough hits, alright?”

Brady has a reputation of being money when it comes to quarterback sneaks, but Arians has had enough.

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