The Buccaneers Story Everybody Is Talking About


There were so many storylines from the Buccaneers victory over the Jets on Sunday. The second victory for Tampa Bay over the “storied” Jets franchise at the Meadowlands. Great coaching, then not-so great coaching. Two defensive secondary players flying around. Not the backfield…but the country. Then there was the temper tantrum. It was a game full of drama.

There is an “I” in Quit

Put this one right out front. Nobody knows the beat of Antonio Brown’s drum. We all have our own idiosyncrasies, motivations, pressure points, and limits. Whether coach Arians triggered, pushed AB, or was just coaching him up. The moment a player makes themselves above the team and on such a large stage. Taking the sacrifice everybody in the organization and making it all about them. They are no longer a member of the team.

When it is a player with the history of Antonio Brown, it goes beyond sideline blowup. And way beyond disgruntled talent. Wide Receivers by their very nature are type “me” people. You don’t make the magic they make, go to the places they go, do the things they do, without having an air about you. That sure isn’t selfish. The magic is not individual. There are eleven players on the field on any given play. When there’s a twelfth player walking through the end zone, that player quit on the team. More importantly, he quit on himself.

Real Point of Emphasis

The Buccaneers are at 12 wins for the second time in team history. Rob Gronkowski ties HOF TE Anthony Gonzalez with his 31st 100 yard receiving game. Tom Brady passes Dan Marino for the most passing yards all time versus the New York Jets. The Buccaneers moved to 3rd seed with the victory. So many other stories on importance on the day.

That Jamel Dean and Sean Murphy-Bunting were circling the north-eastern skies almost an hour before kickoff. That’s fodder on a day full of so many storylines. The biggest storyline for my money. That Bruce Arians coached em up right. Went for three in the 4th quarter. That Robert Saleh didn’t. And Tom Brady marched the Buccaneers down the field for the 67th comeback victory of his career. Did I forget to mention Cyril Grayson?

The national media can fodder all they want about one Antonio Brown. Hopefully that kid gets the help he needs. But Buccaneers fans. As well as the Buccaneers team. We will focus on defending that world championship. That should be your headline. That should be on the marquee.