Tom Brady Addresses the “Favorable Treatment” Narrative


We’ve all heard or read the narrative that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady gets favorable treatment. We’ve seen the posts, “Brady paid the refs”, or “Brady always gets roughing the passer calls”, it’s kind of a thing. When in New England it was “the NFL favors the Patriots”, then when Brady left the Patriots and signed with Tampa Bay it was, “the NFL favors the Buccaneers”. The narrative seems to follow Brady wherever he goes.

Those Pesky Facts

Let’s be clear, do star players in any sport get a little leeway when it comes to being penalized? Of course they do. Monday on the “Let’s Go” Podcast Brady himself addressed this and challenged the notion that he is consistently benefiting from roughing the passer calls. So does Tom Brady himself get favoritism when it comes to getting roughing the passer calls? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Numbers Never Lie

First off, there’s only one quarterback that has started multiple games this season with less roughing the passer penalties, Cam Newton. The fact is that in the last 12 seasons Brady has the fewest roughing the passer calls per 100 attempts of any quarterback currently active in the league. The stat was only tracked since 2009. There are 61 quarterback total on that list, Brady is 11th of those 61.


The numbers show that Brady was right, he did go on to say he thinks he does get more leeway from the referees when it comes to unsportsmanlike penalties like trash talking players and refs. At the end of the day emotions drive these narratives. It’s not odd to as a fan be emotional and look for someone to blame for your team losing. But please, at least do it with some facts to back it up.

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