Does the National Media Even Know the Buccaneers


It’s laughable the lengths the “talking heads” will go to. Brady runs the team. Buccaneers run Brown out of town. Coach Arians beats his players. Don’t get me wrong. Buccaneers fans love the adoration. Even if it comes by way of selfish jealousy. Still, when your the biggest, baddest, defending world champion, the haters are definitely gonna hate.

Did You Hear This One

Seems like on average there are 5-7 open head coaching jobs each season. That the Buccaneers have coaches interviewing for some of these jobs is not surprising. That there weren’t more interviews during last seasons Black Monday rotation was. But still, as we’ve covered here before, teams look for that championship culture when hiring personnel. And the Buccaneers have that culture down pat.

But laughable is the notion that the Buccaneers might consider “nudging” Bruce Arians out at the end of the season, for fear of losing Todd Bowles, or Byron Leftwich. Do they just not understand. Have they not been listening. The ties between Jason Licht, and Bruce Arians. Down to every coach and staff member of this defending champion Buccaneers. This is family. Which only reiterated to what lengths the national media will go to try and tug at that bond.

Do You Really Think

A post on ProFootballTalk (here) spoke of the device teams might employ to keep talented coordinators from being hired away. An agreement for a coordinator to become the head coach when the position opens in the future. Which should not come as a shock. Because the teams with that championship culture would also look to retain it. In fact, some speculate if/when Bruce Arians does retire to that beautiful forever home in Georgia. The one with the boat, the dock, and Christine Arians’ blessing. Could it be Bowles, or Leftwich who replace him. Flip a coin.

The post even talks about the Buccaneers own history in retaining coordinators. Raheem Morris for Jon Gruden. Dirk Koetter for Lovie Smith. But to even half-heartedly speculate that the Bucs would “nudge” coach Arians toward retirement. Is so far off the mark, as to be comical. And again, just another of the stupid, time wasting, throw it at the wall and see what sticks narratives that haters throw at the champs. Even if Arians decided to step aside at some point in the near future. After one helluva coaching career. One thing is for sure. It will be time to queue the Frank Sinatra music because Bruce Arians will always have done it his way. And Buccaneers fans just love it.