Buccaneers Brady Addresses Retirement Rumors


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers season came to a crashing halt Sunday, losing to the Rams 30-27. Now comes the offseason of speculation for a team full of stars whose contracts are up or who may be looking to retire.

First up, the rumors about quarterback Tom Brady considering retirement. Reports have been swirling for days leading up to Sunday’s playoff game. Yes, rumors are just that, and we tend to base their validity on who is saying it.

Rumors In The Air

Earlier in the week former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich said, “It wouldn’t surprise me if Tom Brady decided to walk away (this offseason) and do whatever he wants to do.” OK, lets be honest here, when a guy who hasn’t played with Brady in over five years makes that statement it carries little weight. But when someone like NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport or ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports it, you might want to listen. Best to get it from the horses or in this case the GOAT’s mouth.

Brady was, as usual deadpan in his answer. He was obviously non-committal and said he would get to that in the near future. So basically a nice way of refusing to answer the question.

Waiting For The First Domino To Fall

The Buccaneers are in somewhat of a tough position as Brady’s decision will have a ripple effect on the team’s offseason plans.

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